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Natural Shampoo - What Is It?


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Traditional store bought personal care products contain chemicals that are damaging to the hair and scalp. However, most people still use them because they are the cheapest and most convenient option for cleansing, conditioning, and styling hair. Natural shampoo is an effective way to treat scalp irritation and leave hair strong, shiny, and healthy without the adverse effects of traditional hair products.

Animal by-products have been used in beauty products for decades. In particular, animal fats have been used as a thickener in shampoo and conditioner. This practice has been so heavily criticized in recent years that scientists have come up with other sources for these ingredients. The only way to be sure that shampoo does not contain animal fats is to read the label. Shampoo made from natural ingredients promises to never use animal by-products, which offers customers peace of mind.

Personal care products are tested before they are sold in stores to make sure they will not cause harmful effects on customers. One of the ways they test for skin irritations or sickness is by exposing animals to the product. Even though most people view this as unfair treatment of animals, some companies still use these procedures. However, natural shampoo brands do not perform animal testing.

Regular shampoos include harmful ingredients that can dry out the scalp, break down hair follicles, and irritate oil glands over time. These products that claim to make hair stronger and shinier actually have adverse effects on the health of the hair and scalp. Shampoo that is made from natural ingredients does not contain these toxins, making it an effective alternative for optimal hair health and beauty.

When shopping for natural shampoo, conditioner, and other hair styling products, it is important to read the label. Anything containing more than ten ingredients probably contains some type of chemical. Even products that claim to be all natural or organic do not stay true to this promise. Make sure the line of products you choose are truly natural and chemical free for the healthiest and most beautiful hair results.

Want some ideas on what to buy? Check out the video below to hear one woman's review of a natural shampoo.

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