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What You Should Know About Organic Shampoo


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In recent years, people have started to realize the benefits of using different types of organic and all natural products. These include organic foods without pesticides, chemicals, or preservatives, and cleaning products that only use natural ingredients. Most of us recognize the damage that chemically manufactured products can have on people and the environment.

Luckily, organic shampoo is another thing they we add to our list of eco-friendly personal care products for the home and body!

What Is Organic Shampoo?

Simply put, it is shampoo made with certified organic herbs, oils, and other organic plant components. These types of shampoos usually make use of the natural properties contained in fruits, plants, and flowers and do not have anywhere near as much synthetic ingredients that you would find in other shampoos. Using such shampoos ensures that your hair gets the natural vitamins and essential oils contained in the ingredients. Shampoo made from natural ingredients without preservatives are milder than regular shampoos and reportedly leave hair healthy and free of potential harmful side effects.

Note: "Natural" products are not necessarily the same thing as "organic" ones.

Where Can You Find It?

Because so many people have started to live by the organic food movement, all major grocery stores have aisles of products devoted to this lifestyle. They include various types of food including dairy, canned goods, and frozen foods. If you look closely you may find a few beauty products such as shampoo and soap. There may not be a huge selection at the local supermarket, but this is the place for organic consumers to shop for convenience purposes.

A place to find a bigger selection of organic hair care products is the local beauty supply store. They have several aisles devoted to shampoo, conditioner, and other styling and treatment products. These stores offer the newest and best brands on the market, including a wide variety of organic product lines. They are available in many price ranges to fit any person's budget.

The most important thing to remember when shopping for organic shampoo is to read the ingredients on the bottle. This will ensure that the products that are used on the hair truly do not contain toxins or chemicals. Sometimes a product in the organic range may not be 100% organic. You will want to clarify this in case you intend to have purely organic products.

Product Recommendations

There are some excellent organic shampoos available in the market today. There are a few brands that we like that you may also want to try.

One of the specialist manufacturers of organic products for skin and hair care is Aubrey Organics. When it comes to hair shampoos they have a wide range to cater for all types of hair including the Rosa Mosqueta Nourishing Shampoo specially meant for color-treated hair.

Avalon Organics is another brand whose products are made from plant material. Avalon makes a point of having the main ingredient and what it does in the product name. This is useful because it is much quicker and easier to buy the product that is suitable for your hair. In addition you get to learn about the benefits of other organic ingredients in the process.

Earth's Best Organic Lavender Shampoo & Body Wash is another great choice. It is "tear-free", hypo-allergenic, and great for use on children. Ingredients include lavender oil and oat oil.

You may recognize or have probably already used Burt's Bees products in one form or another. They have a wide range of organic shampoo and natural hair care products that are reasonably priced. Burt's Bees products are easy to find; they are even at stores like Target and Walgreens.


Those who are concerned about the harmful ingredients in store-bought shampoos can also resort to making their own products at home. Dried herbs, oils, water, and soap are all it takes to make homemade shampoo that is suitable for anyone and leaves hair shiny and soft. It is a cost-effective way to cleanse the hair while staying true to the organic lifestyle.

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